Dough On Demand

Bringing you Dough Jersey’s newest cookie subscription service!

Dough On Demand ensures you have cookies whenever you want them, and at a discounted price.

When you sign up you will get 15% off weekly orders, 12% off bi-weekly or 10% off a regular monthly order! All you need to do is select your frequency, and we will issue you with a discount code you can use.

🍪 Want to treat yourself to a box every other week? Or perhaps just once a month on payday!?

🍪 Work in an office who may want to treat their employees every Friday at the end of the month? What better way to increase employee engagement?!

We really wanted to think of a way to give back to our regular customers too, to show you how much we appreciate your business and kindness!

No need to pay full subscription up front, just pay as you go!

Free cookies will occasionally be thrown in for good measure.

If your subscription frequency accommodates it, you will be our assigned taste testers for new flavours!

Zero ‘over the barrel’ commitments- this can be cancelled at any time*

 If Dough on Demand sounds like a bit of you, get in touch via the contact box below to discuss your frequency preferences 

 *We ask that weekly orders be a minimum of 4 weeks to obtain that fabulous discount.